Duke Russell

Club Paris remains the charming and stylish restaurant it has been for over 50 years. I don't think much has changed for the exception of the generations who have dined there.

Many of the beautiful neon signs of Anchorage fell from the devastation of the earthquake in '64. Club Paris was on the right street.  

Kut Rate Kid back in the 60's was in midtown, this was the go to place for the value minded. the windmill to the left is still in operation today.

Club Paris

Acrylic on panel 20"x 30"


Acrylic on panel 48"x 72"


Kut Rate KId

Acrylic on canvas 20" x 30"


acrylic on panel  11"x !7"

Exterior of the restaurant.

Jazz poster

black and white silkscreen 20" x 30"

Spenard's annual event

42nd and grand central

Acrylic on panel 20" x 30"

Setting my easel up randomly on the sidewalks of New York, it's a lot to look at.

making a tv commercial

Acrylic on panel 36" x 60"

Making a soda commercial, Sierra Mist 50 miles out of Whitter Alaska We are dropping these guy in freezing water. of course they had wet suits and a hot tub.

power station

Acrylic on panel 48" x 72"

Anchorage can look urban in the right places.

Visual artist  and musician

horse table

Acrylic and plywood

inspired by a drawing bench


Blackstone bay about 25 miles out of    Whittier, Alaska 2003

the waters are deadly cold and its about 700 feet deep. A lot deeper than the boats they have similar to this one, cruising the canals of mexico city.

Back door situations

dealing with the public you've got to deal with everyone