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Visual Artist and Musician

1997 Seattle bound for my first out of state show.

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      My name is Duke Russell and I am a self taught visual artist living and working in the Anchorage area now for over 40 years. 

  I work in acrylic on canvas and panel. Over the years I have developed a variety of painting styles. From realism to compositions derived from intuitive gestures. Abstractions that are born from my experiences in scenic art.

 When it comes to something I have to say literally, as in an editorial diatribe, I employ more of an underground cartoon style inspired by the likes of Mad magazine, Robert Crumb and Daniel Clowes.

      My work over the years have used the urban life of Anchorage and downtown, as the backdrop to my subjects. Alaskan art maybe, and minus the “cabin on the lake with nearby wading moose” I address day to day life in the north.

My paintings, deal with the community, a snapshot of the life we have up here. My work is a quest to find beauty in places that many may not think it exists.

        I work from my studio in midtown doing commissions and working on my art. I cherish the historic and colorful, Spenard is my neighborhood, a home to so many different stories and people. A place where my world plays out the sketch for me, shows me a truth that I enjoy.

I work hard at what I do. I am persistent when it comes to teaching myself new things. There also have been plenty of people in and out of my life showing me and sharing the road. I keep pushing and keep my curiosity in sharp focus.