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4th AVENUE SUMMER       I put this little piece of nostalgia together for the folks at Rustic Goat. Kaladi Brothers humble beginnings was just a solitary coffee cart on 4th and E street in the 80's.

SOUTH SEAS LOUNGE     Not what it used to be.


MT. VIEW CARWASH    The center of action.

ON ANY SUNDAY         My little contribution to Alaska's deadliest highway. So many people venture south of Anchorage on the weekends for the beauty , the fishing and hiking. Come sunday, 10's of thousands pack up and head back into town for monday's work reentry. Risking it all at times.

Local  Scenes 

VALLEY OF THE MOON PARK      This is the first park that really made an impression on me when i was a kid. the rocket has been upgraded but it wasnt as cool as the old one.

TREND SETTERS     Everybody wants a haircut.

CARS OF THE FUTURE              Imagine if you will, in the not so distant future, cars will take on more and more the personality of the driver.

WINTER ON WESTCHESTER LAGOON            A popular social spot in the winter, with all levels of skate talent and winter sky.

SIDE STREET ESPRESSO             This where you get all the down low, on anything and everything in town, this is the center of activity .           

  Kaleidoscope designs   artwork

DISCOUNT LIQUOR   No longer with us. it served the Spenard community for many years. In the early days the workers would wear bow ties and had a drive up.

MYSTERIES OF ARCTIC BOULEVARD       When they upgraded this popular 4 lane road that serves many midtown businesses. There was some confusion in when did it go from 3 lanes to 4 and who  was on first?

CHINESE KITCHEN    Old school to be sure. The nick name was the "chinese hen" because the "kitc" didnt light up.

BUNNELL STREET ARTS CENTER As far as my visits to Homer go, this old town area is where I gravitate.

Lots of good food, company and beaches.