Michelin Ice tires 2001 I was on car detail. We were on location at Big Lake. It was really cool seeing a glider plane do tricks. I remember the concept brought many challenges, after some adjustments they got it to work. It was pretty cool.


Anderson Windows 1998 Nothing too exciting here, except our key talent. He was fresh in town, strolling into Kodiak, Alaska in a Hard Rock Cafe leather jacket. He thought of himself as a Hollywood sensation, when he was starring in a commercial for window replacement.

Even though it was cold and snowing, my main job for three days was to spray water on him. I have to say I might have been snickering a little.

Okay, this was the most far fetched journey I had ever signed on to. I wasn't Shanghied, but in the end  I felt a little compromised.  The entire crew was in Whittier, a deep water port an hours drive out of Anchorage.  We were loading a series of large production vehicles from a boat launch area, onto a very large Ice breaker vessel called the 'Arctic Wolf'. the tide was going out and the rigs were getting stuck. Some how we managed. We set sail for a night long journey to a special iceberg. We got the bunks right over the engine room with the door that would rattle to the beat of the pistons. The next day we experienced harrowing moments on the water in our little river skiffs, laying down mass amounts of fog with these giant fog cannons for the background dressing. It was an exciting experience.

In 2006, I got the call to paint the bus for "Into The Wild". When the lead scenic artist from Los Angeles needed to return home, I became the on set scenic artist mainly in charge of the bus. I was involved in creating the manifesto Chris McCandless created, by carving it into a piece of plywood.

So many great stories from the crew. Many of those stories revolved around the "stars" of Hollywood and how some of them would stay in their trailer's while others would hang out with the crew.

In 2010, "Big Miracle" landed on our shores, with great reception. I painted scenery and props while working for the big studio.

It didn't take too long for things to go south though. Ted Danson said a few things about the oil industry, which made our state government super mad and they took away the the tax incentive so fancy actors won't have a chance to say things like that anymore.


This was one of the times I was star struck. 'Inspector Gadget' director David Kellogg and 'Saving Private Ryan' cinematographer Janusz Kaninski were both working on this shoot.

David was reserved... Like the 10,000 dollar a day kind.

Janusz in contrast would appear on this giant stage we created with 4' scaffolding , running and then sliding on his knees in snow pants with a giant cigar in his hand and say "Honey I'm home!" 

We were able to inset the caveman's tomb into this elevated plane. It was pretty cold, hovering around zero degrees. Which was perfect for the effect of seeing everyones breath.

The team had placed hair dryers and heating pads to keep him from freezing his near naked ass off. Our engineering backfired somewhat because the insulted space became too hot, so we dialed it back.

It ended up a moment of awesomeness and I thought the whole gag was pretty sweet.

The Making of a TV commercial

North was a goofy movie to be sure. Being my first movie project, I was still really excited about it. It revolved around a kid that wanted to divorce his parents... Now that's gutsy. I played a limited role in the art department for the film.

I think i asked for $12.50 an hour and they gave me $25. Rare situation.

Yahoo 1998 We were in charge of assembling a huge tepee, strapping it to a helicopter, and running it up the hill 6,000 feet. We also filled a hot tub with frigid bottled water and attempt to heat it up in high elevation, which didn't work out. Pretty funny commercial though .

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